A Mother’s Day Well Spent At Lake Lanier Island

I hope that you guys had a relaxing Mother’s Day out there, that are moms! It didn’t start out all that great for me because my oldest child Dootie made plans for us but they fell through, so I didn’t know what I was going to do for the day because we were on two opposite ends of Atlanta. My son Pootie came in my room with a clay design that he made in pottery class lol. It was so ugly but so cute. It looks like an alien head but I will cherish it forever lol.

Dootie then came busting through the door minutes later screaming, “come on we’re going to Lake Lanier” lol. She had a huge Edible Arrangement and balloons in hand, she is such the jokester smh! We headed up to Lake Lanier Islands for a little relaxation and fun in the sun! I didn’t get into the water because HUGE community pools/lakes are really not my thing lol. I watched my daughter and her friend Jordan play around in the water from a distance lol. I also watched them zipline and splish splash down the huge water slides. I sat cute with my feet in the sand, in the shade and sipped on a cold slushy! Chile, I don’t have time lol. I enjoyed my day out with them and I want to thank Dootie for a fabulous Mother’s Day! Check out all the snaps from our outing inside and enjoy your day! xoxo

Love these shades by Cynthia Bailey Eyewear!

I’m asking, “where’s the snacks?” LOL!

Tyra, Jordan and Me


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  1. Go girls. You guys should be celebrated (especially Dootie) for your body makeovers!

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