A Peek Inside Married To Medicine Reality Star Quad Webb’s Home

Miss Quad Webb graciously hosts EBONY’s Beautiful Black Homes for an exclusive tour of her lovely abode right in time for the holiday season. Often used as the base for family gatherings, Quad’s quarters exudes a warm and welcoming energy that would make anyone feel right at home.

As Quad gives a tour of her home, she explains her love for elephants and they are all around the house. She said, if you know, you know!

She has a fixture right by the foyer and said that she was attracted to the piece because it just screams strength. She went on to say that she is still standing looking like a true survivor lol. She then continued to the favorite room in the house which is the living room space and it’s the room where your grandmother said, “don’t go in my living room I mean what I say” lol.

Quad really loved the chandelier that she picked out saying that it was a little bit antique but it also has a modern flare with all the nice fringes hanging. She agreed that her home is androgynistic. She wanted people to think if a man or woman lived in the home. I loved the “drifting driftwood” over the art piece on her wall, very chic. She shared that she decorated for the holiday season with jewel tones. Very vibrant and chic. See the pretty video clip inside….

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