A Sit Down With Hosts Allison & Twitch From Freeform’s 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS “Pop Up Santa” & “Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings”

Hope you are staying warm out there you guys! I also wanted to say that I appreciate you stopping by my blog daily to check out what I’ve been up to! A few days ago I had the opportunity to hang out with Disney in Los Angeles for a few days. On the last part of the trip I got to meet a few tv personalities from Freeforms 25 Days of Christmas! You know they are airing a lot of fun holiday shows throughout the month of December and we bloggers got a chance to have a sit down with a few of their talent.

We met Tv Personalities Alison Holker and her husband Twitch(Stephen Boss) who you may have seen on So You Think You Can Dance-All Star Season! Twitch is also on Ellen daily as the dj/dancer as well. They talked to us about two holiday shows that they are hosting called, Pop Up Santa and Disney’s Fairytale Weddings. They were so cool to talk to and they shared with us traditional holiday things they do as a family, how they met, when they started dancing and their own personal love story! Check it all out inside and don’t forget to tune into their shows airing on Freeform now! 

My questions: I was gonna get married at Disney a long time ago. So tell me about Disney’s Fairytale Weddings and how long have you guys been married, how’d you meet?

(Stephen Boss/Twitch): So we’ve been married now, we’re going on five years on December 10th. And we’ve, uh, thank you very much. And then we’ve been together since 2010, so we’ve been together eight years. We met on So You Think You Can Dance. And we shared a dance. I, I know this sounds, like, it’s out of, like, a fairy tale because it, it’s our fairytale…

Allison: We were both contestants. I was on season two; he was on season four, and then they do what’s, like, the All-Star season where they brought some of the other contestants back to perform with the new contestants, and then that’s when we met.

But, like literally, we’d never gone on a date; we never really had a real conversation because I was so shy to talk to him because I had a crush. And- but we shared, we shared a dance at a party, and we’ve been together ever since.

Yeah. And Disney’s fairytale wedding, Holiday Magic, we did for the first time last year, and the producers gave us a call. They wanted us to come and host the show, and we felt completely honored, because we, I feel like we have a very happy marriage.

You know? And so being able to be a part of other people’s lives and, like, celebrate their wedding, which is like one of the biggest things that they’re gonna experience in their lives is rally, really special. Like, it really bonds us with these people, and we really get to know them and, like, we get to be a part of this, like, monumental moment with them, and it kinda makes us feel that we relive our marriage and, and our wedding.

And it’s really, really fun, and I mean, you can’t go wrong. It’s Disney, it’s love, and it’s magic all coming together in one thing.

My Question: When did you guys start dancing? And I love you, and I watch you everyday on Ellen!

Twitch: Oh thank you very much. Honestly, dancing has- has kinda always been my thing, like, if I could call it as a passion before I knew it was called a passion. It was just watching people dance and, you know, whether it be Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Janet Jackson on the TV, just always got my heart, like, oh, what is this? And, and once I found it, that was, that was it, and I started dancing when I was a senior in high school. And then I just knew from, from then on that, like, that’s all that there was.

Allison: I was eleven years old, and I saw my sister dance, and I just knew from just watching her, like, she’s so powerful on the stage. And she just, like, she was, like, a warrior up there, and I just wanted to be like her, and she doesn’t [SOUNDS LIKE: realize] what she did for me. Dance is a great discipline.

Tell us about your other project/tv show Pop Up Santa?

Allison: So this show, really, we just embrace people with surprises, you know, and these are really deserving people and for different reasons.

We actually held a baby shower for seventy-five women that were all pregnant, and we surprised them with a baby shower that was just super epic. We gifted them with everything that they would need. And these women are all from the army. These are all women, you know, they look very hard and they live these lives, you know, they’re so brave.

They go through so much that I, I would never fully understand myself, you know, with sending their loved ones away, and going all these, like, long terms, like, by themselves with their kids.

Yes, and so we got to really surprise them. They had no idea. They thought they were just part of a documentary, but we surprised them with a baby shower that was celebrating them, and just giving them the love and also support. We made a video of them that was just all love and like, you guys are amazing.

We had special celebrity cameos that helped give these things away- Misty Copeland; DeMarco Murray, but I mean, but you all, it’s just like tears, and tears, and tears.

Any family holiday traditions?

Twitch: We actually take Santa photos with our kids. And we go the whole nine. We dress up and we’re all in the photos together. Last year we were the Grinch, and the Whoville people, and she was, she was Martha May. Our daughter was Cindy Lou; I was the Grinch, and then we just had Maddox fixed up with his little hair, and we all took a picture, a picture with Santa. This year, we’re going like the old holiday themed or, like, holiday character theme.

Our daughter’s a reindeer. She’s gonna be a snowman…I’m going to be a gingerbread man and Maddox is actually going to be Santa. He’s two lol. Yeah, so we’re all gonna go take pictures with Santa like that.

Allison: We already told you about our Christmas trees, I believe, so that is a thing. It’s like, I have my tree, and we have our family tree that we put the ornaments on together which is really special way. We also make our own ugly Christmas sweaters, like, so, like, I’ll just buy, like, tinsel and, like, fun stuff, and everyone can just put it on there however they want to. That’s a really fun that we do.

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“Pop-up Santa Holiday Special”* #PopUpSanta

Logline: For the first time ever as a 90-minute holiday special, Freeform’s “Pop Up Santa Holiday Special” has teamed up with sponsors to celebrate the spirit of the season through heartwarming moments including a home giveaway, a surprise baby shower at a military base, a family reunion of epic proportions, a celebration for two very special children at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and more. Hosted by Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker, the special follows celebrity guests including ballerina Misty Copeland, former NFL athlete DeMarco Murray, “The Fosters’” Sherri Saum, Tommy Martinez from new Freeform drama “Good Trouble,” a special Marvel guest and, of course, Freeform Santa as they team up with Freeform to spread holiday cheer. The “Pop Up Santa Holiday Special” airs on Monday, Dec. 3, at 9:30-11:00 p.m. EST/PST.

In a tear-jerking sneak peek from “Pop Up Santa,” the Brantley Family of Clarksville, Tennessee, is about to experience some holiday magic. After a devastating fire in December 2017, Army veteran Stephen Brantley, his wife Iliana and their four children lost their home and all of their possessions, including photographs and Stephen’s war medals. With the help of former NFL athlete DeMarco Murray and his wife, actress Heidi Mueller, the Brantleys are in for an incredible surprise that will change their lives forever. The “Pop Up Santa Holiday Special” is executive produced by Jack Mori and Wendy Burch.

(Reruns of the “Pop-Up Santa Holiday Special”  will continue to run throughout December.)

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic #DisneyWeddings

Logline: “Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic” is back with an all-new installment once again hosted by Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker. This year’s stunning and romantic weddings at Walt Disney World Resort will feature a spectacular “Mary Poppins Returns” theme and a special performance by country music superstar Martina McBride. This year’s wedding magic premieres on Saturday, Dec. 8, at 8:00-9:00 p.m. EST/PST.

The special is produced by Roberts Media and T Group Productions. Executive producers include Ann Lewis Roberts for Roberts Media, Simon Lythgoe of Legacy Productions and Jenny Daly for T Group.

Images via FreeForm/Disney/Me

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