THE REAL Welcomes Tisha Campbell And Co-Host Adrienne Houghton Talks Tattoos and Exes

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, the hosts of The Real discuss whether model Winnie Harlow should be more grateful to America’s Next Top Model for putting her on the map. Then co-host Adrienne Houghton reveals why she feels that in a mature relationship, tattoos of exes shouldn’t matter as much as other legacies of former relationships – like children. And actress Tisha Campbell stops by to talk about her role on Empire, and she reveals the embarrassing moment when she met the Obamas!

In a Mature Relationship, Tattoos Of Exes Shouldn’t Matter!

Adrienne Houghton: You guys know that I got Rob’s name tattooed on my butt, in the past, it was not…

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Why on the butt? I never asked that! I’ve never, I’ve never…

Jeannie Mai: I’ve always wanted to ask this! Yes, why!

Adrienne: Ok –

Loni Love: “Cause when he’s tapping it, he can see it!

Adrienne: Hold on! Hold on. Hold on, No, let me tell you…

Jeannie: Oh my god.

Loni: I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Adrienne: I know this sounds crazy.

Tamera: Sorry! It just came out!

Adrienne: No! I will tell you!

Tamera: Ok!

Jeannie: OK.

Adrienne (pointing to Loni): That part.

Jeannie: Ok.

Tamera: Ok.

Adrienne: Definitely played a – you know that rap songs that were like, you know, “Cause that – cause that is mine,” you know like –

Loni: Oh right, right.

Adrienne: People did that, and that was like a cool thing to do, but it actually was my idea to do it there, because in all honesty, I don’t, I don’t love the look of tattoos on me.

Tamera: Ohhh, ok.

Jeannie: On your skin.

Adrienne: So if you notice, it’s the only one I ever got that was in black ink…

Tamera: So you only wanted him to see it. Right?

Adrienne: Yes.

Tamera: Ok, got it.

Adrienne: Even til this day, when I wore bathing suits, nobody ever – like, you couldn’t see it, unless – you were being intimate with me, you never saw it.

Tamera: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Adrienne: Which I liked, because I don’t like visible black ink on me.

Tamera: Ok.

Adrienne: So that’s just not the look I was going for. So that part.

Jeannie: You gave him prime real estate though, girl.

Adrienne: I sure did. OK, but wait – so I’ve gotten it removed since then, but even now there is some remnants of it there – it almost looks like a little bruise; you guys have seen it.

Tamera: Yeah, yeah.

Adrienne: Guys. NOBODY CARES! Nobody cares.

Tamera: Really?

Adrienne: No. Nobody cares. The other one didn’t care, this one don’t care, nobody cares. With that being said, I think that when you get to a certain age, and you date certain people, you recognize that they have had a past. You are not their first love. My husband has children. There are living human, breathing, walking, talking examples of a love that existed before me. And I’m ok with that. You have to be ok with that.

Pics by Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

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