ABC’s ‘Call Your Mother’ Virtual Premiere Event

There’s a new comedy series coming to ABC called, CALL YOUR MOTHER which stars Kyra Sedgwick as Jean Raines, Rachel Sennott as Jackie Raines, Patrick Brammall as Danny, Austin Crute as Lane, Emma Caymares as Celia, and Joey Bragg as Freddie Raines. I got a chance to check out a sneak peek of the first episode last night and it was really cute! Kyra Sedgwick is one of my favorite actresses and you guys have seen her face on television for quite awhile. I also got to be included in a virtual press junket and got to learn more about the other actors as well. Rachel Lindsay was the moderator.

I came to find out that one actor Austin Crute is from Atlanta, Georgia and he was super cool to listen to and afterwards I tweeted him and he responded to me, so down to earth! The show is about an empty nester(Kyra Sedgwick) who wants to reconnect with her kids who are living their own lives. She is trying really hard to reconnect with them. I can totally relate to this because my daughter Tyra moved out a few years ago and my son went away to school and I was sitting at home all alone. It doesn’t feel good at all to be all alone! Check out more images inside and a video clip from the show. Call Your Mother premieres Wednesday at 9:30/8:30 pm on ABC. Happy Tuesday everyone and be safe out there! 

Actress Kyra Sedgwick as Jean Raines. She loves the show and talked about how she became involved with the comedy series.

Actor Austin Crute who plays Lane, he is an Atlanta native and was super cool to chat with!

Actress Emma Caymares plays Celia. She is Latino in real life but plays a social media influencer on the show, I found that really cool to learn, like her already!

Actress Rachel Sennott as Jackie Raines. In her interview she said that she really connects to her character and the journey she is on.

Jean, an empty-nester mom, wonders how she ended up alone while her children live their best lives thousands of miles away. She decides her place is with her family, and as she reinserts herself into their lives, her kids realize they might actually need her more than they thought on “Call Your Mother,” Wednesday, JAN. 13 (9:30pm EST), on ABC

(Pics by ABC/Brian Bowen Smith)

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