Great News: Talking With Tami A Brand Ambassador For Esqido Eyelashes


I am so glad to announce that I will be a brand ambassador for Esqido False Eyelashes! I’ve been wearing false eyelashes for years and I find the strips so easy to apply. People always compliment me on my eyelashes and I always say, “I’m just wearing false strip eyelashes”and they state that they find them so hard to apply. If you watch YouTube tutorials, you should be able to apply them, they are not that hard to put on at all. My grandmother, mom and now me and my daughter wear them faithfully! They really make your eyes pop too. Inside I have a few of my favorite ones that I like to wear daily and don’t forget to check out their site to see all the styles they carry… 

esqido lashes

Some of my favorite Esqido false eyelashes to wear are: Amp it Up, Voila Lash, Unforgettable, Big City Lights.

esqido lashes

About Esqido Lashes:

Handcrafted from the softest and finest naturally shed mink hairs, our lashes are inexplicably natural looking. Combined with their beautiful curls, these ultra fine lashes give your eyes a natural lift.

A light & soft handcrafted cotton band results in an easy to apply and comfortable pair of lashes you can wear all day long.


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