Ashley Stewart Taps Top Plus Size Bloggers For Spring Collection


What makes the perfect Ashley Stewart woman? She is bold, stylish, brave, adventurous, and powerful. She lives by her own rules, loves her curves, and looks impeccable doing so. That’s why PLUS Model Magazine (PMM), the #1 plus size fashion and beauty magazine/blog, has partnered with leading plus size global fashion brand Ashley Stewart for its Woman of Style photo spread featuring Top Plus Bloggers, who are all doing it their way. Five bloggers were invited to participate in a #IAMASHLEY styling challenge, each chosen for her sense of style, confidence, and long-time love of the Ashley Stewart brand. Each blogger was then able to select any Ashley Stewart outfit, put her own unique twist on it, participate in a NYC photoshoot, and show off her take on curvy spring fashion must-haves in an editorial spread in PLUS Model Magazine’s March 2015 issue.

“I have always referred to Ashley Stewart as ‘The People’s Brand,’ their passion for the plus-sized woman has always been clear. Now seeing them come into their own is a true delight and I’m excited for PMM to partner with a leading brand that is not afraid to show some curves,” says Plus Model Magazine editor-in-chief Madeline Jones. 

“Over the past twenty-four years, Ashley Stewart forged lasting, personal relationships with its customers in neighborhood shops across the country. Recent innovations in digital have allowed us and her loyal followers to introduce her to friends in new neighborhoods and new countries heretofore unimaginable. Despite this, our goal is to stay true to our mission of getting to know each and every one of our customers on an individual level. We hope you enjoy the individualism of each of these trend-setting women as much as we do,” says Executive Chairman and CEO James Rhee.

Here are a list of the plus size models, congrats to them all! 

ashley stewart

Allison McGevna, Stylist/Fox News Producer/Blogger,

Allie has been an Ashley Stewart fan since she was a teenager. In fact, her very first major modeling campaign was with the brand, so it holds a special spot in her heart.

Fashion Tip: “Play with it, make it your own. Taking the sexy aspect and giving it an edge, don’t be so serious.”

Jezra Matthews, Model and Blogger,

Jezra first fell in love with Ashley Stewart on Valentine’s Day. “I saw a beautiful red blazer,” she recalls, “I went in to try it on and it fit my body perfectly. It just complimented me so well.” She’s been in love with the brand ever since.

Tip: “Be Fun. Be Comfortable. Be You!”

Essie Golden, Blogger –

There weren’t a lot of choices for plus-sized women in Orlando, but Essie was determined to find great outfits (especially for church) – Ashley Stewart spoke to her and she’s been a fan ever since.

Tip: “Edge it up! Wear high heels, or even sneakers!”

Kelly Augustine, Blogger,

“I always shopped along 125th street in Manhattan and happened to walk by,” recalls Kelly, “I saw a leather skirt in the window and that was it! I kept going back and buying more and more.”

Tip: “Use only one piece as your drama piece. Let it have its moment!”

Chante Burkett, Blogger,

Chante discovered Ashley Stewart three years ago in a local mall after moving to the tri-state area, and has since developed quite the love affair with Ashley Stewart jeans.

Tip: “Always have proper undergarments and always think about where you are going so you can wear the proper shoes!”
Throughout March, Ashley Stewart will be highlighting these bloggers and its customers wearing spring trends with the #IAMASHLEY hashtag.

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