Atlanta Housewives Season 2 Premier Party!


The Real  Housewives of Atlanta

Last nite was the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 2 premier party. I was invited to cover media for this event and Im exhausted! Ive never had to work so hard to get interviews or photo opts in my life. I never complain about much because I’m an easy going kinda girl, but Im getting older and my nerves are gettting bad! Smh!

Lets just say that all of Dekalb Cty and surrounding areas came out to get a sneek peak of all the drama,fashion,scandal,fights,couples,kids,shoes,hairstyles and whatever else was hitting the red carpet last nite! It was all kinds of excitement going on all over the place. My neck was whipping around so fast, I thought I was going to have whipflash lol. I could have really gotten great pics if media was not stuck in the corner. Im not sure why they had it at that particular W Hotel,but it was way to small for all those people that came out. Im glad that we do support each other here in Atlanta but my gosh find a bigger venue next time.


Producer of the show Princess and Kim

Anyway all the housewives were in attendance and the newest housewife Kandis.Producer of the show Princess was there as well. I really like her with her great smile. I couldnt  really see what Kandis was wearing because she was wisked off the carpet so fast,I couldnt keep up. I saw something gold and glittery and I think she had on shorts but thats all I saw. She had some lil girls with her and her fiance. When she passed by me she said that they were her step daughters. The smallest one that she pointed to in the front was her daughter, Riley,they all looked cute.Her mom and grandmother were there too. They make cameo appearances in the show.

I saw Kim’s daughters again and her oldest daughter and I always chit chat about Betsey Johnson dresses. She said, “yeah this is one too” pointing to her cute white dress! I told her she looked adorable and she said,” I like your Betsey shoes”,thats my girl lol! Kim wore a  gray dress that she told me she couldnt pronounce the name of the designer but that he was out of Los Angeles. She said she was excited about the new season and that she really likes Kandis the newest member.


Kim and her two daughters

 The Leake family arrived shortly afterwards, and it was good to see NeNe. The oldest Bryce, I think dropped out of college. He has braids now handsome young man. I teased  him, telling him he looked like Wishbone in Bone Thugs and Harmony lol. I liked that they all came out to support their mom. NeNe wore a black dress with a nice necklace as an accessory. In a private interview later on, Nene told me that her new book,”Never make the same mistake twice” was about the other housewives,her dad and abuse in her childhood. She told me she has learned alot over the years. She  also said in the new season, you will see her still be NeNe and that she is not edited, thats really her and she is proud of it! lol.


NeNe posed up on the carpet

My favorite housewife Lisa Wu Hartwell was there too with hubby Ed in tow. Tonite Lisa was the prettiest on the red carpet to me. I must say she looked so elegant in her green dress with her big tada bow. I loved her hair,makeup, the shoes the whole nine! Couldnt get close up of Lisa’s shoes because it was so darn crowded, I apologize I will get them next time.Lisa really shut down the carpet you guys!


Lisa Wu Hartwell looking fab!

Sheree Whitfield was the last to arrive and to me she looked so frazzled. I dont know what was going on but I just didnt like her hair,makeup,dress pretty much nothing. She is the one who takes fashion risks out of the bunch and will try new looks. Usually I like her fashion forward sense of style but not last nite. I just wasnt feeling her at all. Some people loved how she looked, maybe its me. Last year she was killing the carpet in her Valentino white dress,what happened this year? She was with her mom and oldest daughter,that you dont see on the show.

Fashion wannabees,chefs,bible thumpers,weave installers,trannies,car detailers,the b*sh you cant stand,credit repair agents,rappers,z -listers,reality stars,the girl that rang you up at the BeBe store,boosters,nannies,foreclosure specialist,the repo man,music producers,groupies,jump offs,photographers,grocery store clerks, heck just about everybody in Atlanta came out to support the new season lol! I’m mad at everybody for sweating out my hair too, yall owe me a new hairdo lol.

 It was so fun to watch the premier, everybody was clapping for their fav housewife. I even had an appearance in the show as well,so that was great to see me doing my thing lol.Some other celeb sightings I saw were Tweet,Dwight Eubanks,QParker,Toya and Tiny, Jazzy Pha,Vawn. So tune in this thursday at 10pm est standard time on Bravo to see Season 2,your going to love it. Enjoy the  pics below provided by and myself! Click to Enlarge!


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