Girls Road Trip/Recap


Tish and Christal

Hey everybody hope you had a great weekend! Are you feeling Pinktabulous? Well I always wanted to plan a girls road trip to get a way, even if it was just for a  day. Its so hard for women to get together with having families,children,and careers. This time my girlfriends and I were able to do just that for one day.


Christal,me and Monica and Maxwell(snickerdoodle)

My hubby was like,”what,  your leaving me again”? “You just got back from South Beach” lol. I know, I know but this was the only day all of us girlies could actually go. He was fine after I explained but not a happy camper lol. Well this time around we drove to Savannah,Ga because alot of us never been there and we always wanted to go. Plus we wanted to experience eating at Paula Deen’s restaurant. It just always looked so yummy on tv, we had to try it.


Tish,Christal,and Erica

So I sent out invites to alot of my girlfriends and most responded back. My girlfriend Tish has a Rv so it was perfect mini road trip! On this trip we had Erica Campbell owner of, Monica Polo ex-model,Tiffany co partner with Erica,Christal Nims owner of Tisha Deshields( and myself. Oh did I mention we had 1 more passenger by the name of  Maxwell(snickerdoodle) he was so sweet and adorable! His mom is Monica lol.  So it was six momprenuers headed to snickerdoodle…. that all needed a break..ha!



So we met and packed up the Rv and headed south for some relaxtion,drinks,venting,conversation,and fun! We talked about relationships,jobs,women,kids,bff’s,sex,stretchmarks,careers,life,90’s era,high school, just about everything you could think of. It really got steemy too and I learned some new things,that Id would rather not type here but going to try real soon!


Tisha the official driver lol

Before I knew it we were there! I must say this too, Tish can really drive a RV! I would have been swirving all over 16 east, so I want to tell her Tish “JOB WELL DONE” for getting us there and back in 1 piece lol.

When we got there it was simply beautiful, the trees and lil stores are so cute! I loved every minute of it. We checked into our hotel and were off to Uncle Bubbas Oyster House! It was soo good and we were outback on the patio overlooking the water,so pretty, with a nice breeze. I ordered the shrimp and grits and Arnold palmer drink! my food was great.


The whole gang

We then went to Tybee Island. I heard of this place but didnt know it was down the road. The water there was so clear and warm. We played in the water and took pics, it was fun times.


Playing in the water at Tybee Island!

Later that nite we went to eat at Paula Deen’s restarant. It was just like they said,lots of people waiting to eat. I mean hundreds. I have a kind friend by the name of Hollis who works for Paula who gave us V.I.P. treatment so we didnt have to wait in the horrible lines. Shout out to Hollis for hooking us up,your a sweetie pie!



At Lady and Sons restaurant

I ordered the buffet because I was too excited and wanted to try everything! My fried chicken was soo good made me wanna slap my momma! Everything was delish! The greens,mac n cheese,corn muffins,yams, cobbler and bannana pudding was so tasty! Everybody couldnt move afterwards our stomachs was lead. Tish said her veins had butter in them lol.Erica then presented the ladies with her custom made gifts,which I adored! They were candles and tote bags with monograms in the color pink! That added such a great touch to our dinner.


Gifts from Erica(

I really suggest ladies you get your girlfriends together and plan a road trip. Its so fun to get women together with like minds to experience life and just get away to have girl talk. We only stayed one full day,but I will never forget that experience because I really learned alot about the other women and their struggles,fears,joys and just being a woman!

*Maxwell did not ride in the baggage dept,he was in Rv with us,we just took pics with him in there. lol


Hanging out woot!

Try it ladies it fun and good for you soul!














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