AT&T Karaoke Mashup

I’m forever looking on my phone for new games and apps. Let’s face it, I’m addicted to my cell phone and I love viewing all my apps when I am stuck in traffic, sitting in an airport or somewhere bored to death lol. There is a fun new “free” music app that I wanted to share with you guys though by AT&T called, Karaoke Mashup!¬†How does it work? Well, let me tell yah all about it inside…

How does it work? Let me explain...

First you download Karaoke Mashup from your android or smartphone device and then you create a profile.

You then select a song you want to perform

You can then record your performance live on your mobile device, via snapchat or instagram story(optional)

You can also invite your friends to record their own version thru the ‘Mashup Initiator’ function (or with you) so much fun!

You can use a mixer too!

Lastly, share on all your social media platforms and let the world hear you sing.

Check out this guys video LOL!

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