Get The Look: Alissa Ashley Simple Affordable Makeup Look

Hello my beauty lovers! After a few days on the road sitting in the car, it was very hard to try to keep my hair and makeup done for my road trip. I kept my makeup pretty simple, really no makeup at all and my hair up in a bun. That way I didn’t have to be bothered with it and no one was really checking for me on the freeway anyway lol. I loved beauty YouTuber Alissa Ashley’s latest makeup tutorial where she keeps her makeup pretty simple plus its affordable makeup! Take a peek inside on how she achieved this cute look and I’m also taking notes because I will be leaving for Los Angeles this weekend with Disney for Beauty and the Beast and needed to learn how to do something as easy as this for my busy schedule! 

Once she updates her products that she used, I will update as well but she does say them in the video.

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