Auntie Fee Cooks Up Pork Chops With Sherri Shepherd

auntie fee

Actress and Comedian Sherri Shepherd joins YouTube star Auntie Fee to make pork chops at Auntie Fee’s home in California. These two women together are pure comedy as Auntie Fee shows Sherri how she “might have kept her husband” by learning some skills in the kitchen. I was on the ground after watching Auntie Fee cook with Sherri, lawd knows I have potty mouth too! Check out the funny video inside! (caution strong language). Plus Auntie Fee shares cooking tips! 

Top 5 Tips from Auntie Fee 

Tip 1: Make the seasoning rain like you’re at the strip club
Tip 2: Rub the seasoning in like you put grease on your own a**
Tip 3: Add a little bit of water and flour to make a liquor (not a gravy)
Tip 4: Let Auntie Fee know if you have any dietary restrictions in advance or you might get cursed out
Bonus/Tip 5: If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t try Auntie Fee’s Patron poundcake with liquor from a crackhead

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