Trish McEvoy Makeup Brushes

trish mcevoy brushes

You know how in life you go through different stages? Well, now I am all into makeup and everything that has to do with it and maybe because my daughter is in beauty school, that peaked my interest lol. I went to beauty school too but I just studied nails and got licensed in that many years ago. You guys know that I owned a nail salon back in Cleveland for about 9 years. I miss it somewhat but I never could master the art of hair though, never been an interest of mine but nails, I loved!

As you guys know, I always ran up to Mall of Ga Nordstrom to the M.A.C. counter where makeup artist Alex would do my face. As she would do my face, I would always ask questions about the brushes she would use and she would explain to me what each brush did and so on. As we all know, good makeup brushes are NOT cheap at all. Now that I am getting a bit older, I really try to invest in me and my brand and treat myself occasionally. I have a new hobby which is all about makeup and now I am on this makeup brush kick! I have been doing a bit of research on them and checking out different brands that carry them. I have some good brushes from M.A.C. but as well all know, I have a daughter too that has completely taking over all my beauty products lol. Alex has a huge collection of brushes at her home too and I go crazy playing in them! 

trish mcevoy makeup brushes

Trish McEvoy Powder Brush #5 

At the Nordstrom store, I made a lot of friends and I would always share with the makeup artists there about my trips, parties, red carpet experiences and so on. They loved to come over and hear where I was going to next and so on. It became a weekly thing lol. One of the girls told me that she was leaving Nordstrom(Mall of Ga) after it closed for good and moving on to other ventures and if I wanted to have her makeup brushes, I could! She worked at the Trish McEvoy counter and the brushes are so beautiful! I offered to pay for them but she told me that I could just have them!!!

I screamed for joy because I know that those brushes in particular are NOT cheap and her brand of brushes are top-notch! I picked them up yesterday and she left me 17 of them. I went online to the website to find out how to use each brush and what they were for and that’s when I looked at the prices, oh my gosh! I have $700 worth of brushes, I can not believe it!!!! I will cherish them forever! I googled to find out how to clean them and I did that last night. After throughly cleaning them, I tried them out and they feel like fur stroking against my face, so soft and I am in LOVE! Thanks so much Jennifer, I will take very good care of them, WOW, I am a lucky girl! xoxo



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