Baby Legend Does His First Unboxing, Indestructibles

Till this day, I still have NO clue who sent me this adorable baby package for my grandson Legend but he sure did like it! I got this package a few days ago and inside were 3 baby books, a rubber bib and a sippy cup, right on time because we are transitioning him off the bottle to a sip cup. He still loves his bottle but we are just introducing him to drinking in different ways lol.

I went online to find out more about the brand Indestructibles¬†and found out that it was created by Amy Pixton a mother of triplets. Her books are printed on a unique 100% nontoxic material that can be washed by hand or even thrown in the dishwasher! They are built for the way babies “read” with their hands and mouths. And Legend is definitely at that stage where he identifies everything that way lol. More pics inside and where to find!

Indestructibles: Baby Can Count!

Indestructibles: Baby, Find The Shapes!

Indestructibles: Baby, See The Colors!


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