Happy Easter From Boogy Bear And I

Happy Easter everyone! Easter just doesn’t seem the same nowadays but we tried to make the best of it lol! The weather was pretty decent, the sun poked through the clouds and smiled at us and that made me happy! My daughter made brunch and invited us over, so I made my way over to her place and to see my Boogy Bear! Legend spent his weekend with me and I gifted him with some custom bunny ears and rabbit made by my friend Parker! You guys may remember me talking about her a few times. She was on a competition reality show were she had to wrap uniquely shaped items on a show called, Wrap Star. Well, she has her very own business now creating wonderful wreaths and personalized gifts.

She was so sweet to make Boogy Bear and I our very own personalized bunny ears and we loved them! For some reason I forgot to decorate Easter eggs this year with my grandbaby but I will make it up to him. We still had a great time together. Most importantly, Easter is a principal holiday that marks the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death. I’m glad I spent this joyful holiday with my family. See more pictures inside and if you want to order from Parker, please reach out to support her!

Custom Bunny and Bunny Ears by Wrap Star Atlanta 

Wearing Show Me Your MuMu Sweater & Shorts

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