Baby Legend Turns 1 Month Old!

I am so excited to share with you my Grandson Baby Legend’s first professional photoshoot that took place on Sunday. He turns 1 month old tomorrow, wow time flies! He did so well at the shoot and stayed up the whole time lol. We used photographer Rebekah Sharp (who specializes in child photography). She was even surprised that he did so well and didn’t fall asleep like most newborns do. Legend is a different kind of baby though, when he was born he did the same thing, just looking around at the doctor and nurses lol. He is quite the inquisitive one and very alert for such a young age lol. Well without further adieu here is his pictures that we really adore, he looks so yummy. I love the one with the ears hat, omg that is my all time favorite.

Grey seems to be the color of choice for Legend because his crib is this same color and his wardrobe is full of it lol. I love him so much you guys have no idea and he brings me so much joy,  Have a blessed day and thanks to my daughter Tyra and her fiancé Jordon for giving me such a beautiful grandchild, he is my heart and joy! xoxo

Rebekah Sharp Photography

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