Playtime With Baby Legend


This week my daughter Dootie moved into her new apartment. So I stopped by to help her out and see my grandson Boogy Bear. He wanted to show me his big boy room, oh my! Yes, Baby Legend is growing up and has his own room now! When I went to visit him, he took me by the hand and showed me all his toys, his bed and his tv playing his favorite cartoons. He is so adorable and we read books, played, went on a nature walk, had lunch and played some more!

He is my heart and soul and I’m so blessed to be able to spend so much quality time with my grand baby! He brings me so much joy and I love to hear him laugh. He also has a new high chair and today he ate a hot dog, baked beans and strawberries but most of it was all over his face and clothes, too adorable! Check out more pictures inside and stay safe out there everyone! xoxo

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