Best Hair: Ciara At 2015 MTV Video Music Awards


Last night at MTV’s Music Video Awards, Singer Ciara hit up the carpet with a very different look. I don’t know if she was wearing a wig or not but if it is, its a really a good one! She did a major chop and got rid of her long tresses and opted out for an edgy bob to stir up the carpet, I love it! Are bobs back for Fall? I’ve seen lots of ladies rock the bob but not like Ciara! She gets my best hair award from the event for sure! 

I am headed to am upscale fashion show tonight and I’m having my daughter Dootie give me a different look besides the long curled hairdo that I normally wear. She is in beauty school and is always trying out new looks on me. I just will not color my hair because I want my grey to come in nicely but she says I’m old fashioned whatever lol! Do you like the bob look that Ciara is wearing? I think it looks lovely on her and glad she got rid of that waist-length lacefront, good job Ciara! xoxo



Images via Instagram

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