BEST Sunday Ever With Jon The Stylist & Friends

Hello guys, I hope you had an amazing weekend! It was so pretty here in Atlanta and guess who I got to spend my Sunday with? Remember my stylist Jonathan Hamilton? You might remember his handsome self and those beautiful teeth of his plus his impeccable style. Well, we FINALLY got to catch up yesterday and we spent the entire day together! It has been over a year since I have seen him but we always stayed connected via text and phone calls when we could. We had a blast yesterday and went all over the city and met up with some of his friends. We had lunch, drinks and so much more! Sometimes when my followers don’t see certain people on my page in awhile that I normally hang out with, they assume something bad happened. So far from the truth lol.

Well, that was never the case with Jon and I, it was simply because of both of our schedules and work load! Jon is always on a plane somewhere styling his clients and you guys know what I do lol. It felt good to catch up with him though. I got to see his new loft plus his brand new ride which is the 2018 Range Rover but you guys know that Jon is not a simple guy, he likes to be different, so ofcourse he had to add that Jon pizazz to it lol. 

I met Jon downtown and hopped in the Rover and we headed to Piedmont Park for a little fun in the sun since it was perfect outdoors. Then we met up with his friend Xavier (who is such a sweetie) and two other friends. We sipped on wine, snacks and just enjoyed each other. Later, we went to a restaurant for some Mexican food then to a nightclub where we danced the night away! I haven’t been in a club or any kind of night life in a very LONG time! So it felt good to let my hair down! Enjoy the pictures and I do plan on visiting more parks and laying out and relaxing, it felt so good watching everyone just enjoy life. I hope you guys have a great week, stay fab! xoxo

I’m wearing Gucci shades get em here

Zocalo Restaurant

Jon, Me and Xavier

Me with Monique and Amber

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