Blac Chyna Celebrates One Year Of Sobriety And Gets Surprise Visit From Mom Tokyo Toni On “Tamron Hall”

On the Monday, September 18 edition of “Tamron Hall,” Tamron welcomed back Angela White, formerly known as “Blac Chyna,in celebration of her one year anniversary of being sober. Also, White’s mother Tokyo Toni surprised her on the show after their reconciliation this past spring. White, who intentionally went makeup free for the interview, shared updates on her continued wellness journey, where she stands with Khloe Kardashian and discusses season two of ABC’s “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.” See more inside….

Angela “Blac Chyna” White celebrates one year of sobriety and gets a surprise from mom Tokyo Toni:

“Not even a little shot, a little wine, a little this, nothing. Like ‘No, I’m good. No, I’m straight. I’ll take a Red Bull!’ What helped me was bringing myself down to reality and then realizing like, ‘Okay, am I hurting or helping other people around me?’ and helping not with money or things like that but I didn’t want to continue hurting the people around me or even have my kids grow up, seeing me doing this stuff even though we think kids don’t see, they know everything.” Tokyo Toni joined to surprise Angela, telling the Tam Fam, “First of all, being a young girl, being a young lady, those times were different than these times. Raising her, it was very difficult because I was single. Her dad wasn’t around. What it does for me to see her growth because Hollywood, it does things to people. It changes you and to see her be different, meaning in a bad way, I had to go in to pull her out. Seeing her sober, no makeup, fillers gone, this is who I birthed. Angela. This is who I birthed. And she has, for everyone in the world to know, she has the biggest heart in the world. She has a very big heart. It’s so big that sometimes she forgets about herself. Taking care of everyone else. You know how many cats she has? She’s got another cat. And this is what she does. She’s a very beautiful person. What you see is what you get and it’s just as simple as that. I could have never imagined us like this after that mess because it was lies, it was a mess. This here, this is the truth.”

White on why she decided to go makeup-free for the interview:

“This is my day-to-day. I get dressed and I do the makeup and the glam and everything and I feel like that’s more of the “Blac Chyna” brand side. This is just me, this is Angela.”

White on the status of her relationship with Khloé Kardashian:

“It really does [take a village.] And I feel like, I’ll never ever put Dream in a situation to where as though she’s not loved. Y’all have to also think too like Rob [the father of White’s daughter Dream] and Khloé are like really close, so of course they’re going to be closer than, like True [Khloé’s daughter] and Dreamy because Rob and Khloé are so close. It takes a village and I see them every time I take Dreamy to school and I’m like ‘Hey guys, Hi True!’”


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