Blogging Tips: You Are More Than Just Your Current City!

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I know a lot of bloggers who cover a variety of topics on their blogs but they seem to have become stagnant when it comes to traveling. Yes folks, there are people who have NEVER left their city or state. That is so foreign to me because I will hop on a plane in a moments notice but I found out that some people are just plain scared to travel or they just don’t like the feeling of the unknown. It’s like it freaks them out to leave their family too or to be around people that they don’t know. I know a lot of folks that have never been on a plane either, yes these type of people do exist, my grandmother was one of them. 

If that is your thing and you are complacent with just getting in your car and driving a few miles to an event and going back home, more power to you but boy are you missing out on life lol. How can you expand your brand if you don’t like to travel? That is a huge part of what networking is all about and trust me, that is how you see me going here and there because I meet other people. If you are afraid of planes, trains or anything moving, I get it but have you atleast tried to get out of your city? You can’t level up if you stay the same and you have to get out of your comfort zone. You can not build your brand by doing the exact same thing week after week. You have to mix it up.

Your readers will be bored to death too! Covering local stuff and posting the same ol’ tired faces that we see each and every week gets old, trust me! I know I get sick and tired of getting sent photos of the same local celebrities on the red carpet too. That is why I’m always excited to hop on a plane and go somewhere new for my readers to see and enjoy. It makes you look really credible too that other people think enough of you to invite somewhere.

I know its not easy when you have a family or a demanding spouse who doesn’t really know how to make baby formula or fix meals for the kids while you are away but hey, thats what pizza delivery and restaurants were made for lol. If the opportunity does arise, you need to really try to work it out with family members, grandparents or someone else who can help you make it happen. Most press trips are just a few days anyway but you guys its so worth it. When you travel it opens up your mind and thought pattern. It gives you ideas and fresh material for your site. Its very inspiring and makes you more creative as a blogger. I cry every time I go somewhere because I can’t believe all the blessings. You also get to meet other people in different areas. You will atleast make one good connection. Seeing the world is a beautiful thing and God created all of this for us to see and enjoy!

Being a blogger is great and all but the ulterior motive is to GROW and expand your brand and make more MONEY! Do collaborations, book deals, tv appearances and more. Don’t think local, don’t think I just have my lil blog, think bigger things and internationally! Some bloggers can’t even imagine doing such a thing but NEVER think small, think big and longterm. Always keep your site fresh and new. If you have to hire other writers to spruce it up, do that or whatever it takes. The sky is the limit guys. You can do it and I’m a living witness to that! You can also monetize on some travel trips too. Do your research and join some private travel blogger groups on Facebook. Always think of everything as a business, even travel!

I was just invited on a press trip the other day and I had a dear friend refer me to the tourist board. I was so excited and the lady loved my blog. Make blogger buddy friends and exchange information with each other from time to time. A lot of brands reach out to me and ask me who would be great to add to such and such and I have a few that I recommend but again, you have to update, have great content, good images etc. on your blog. They review everything.

Tips: How can you get invited on press trips you may ask? Start now by writing about more destinations spots you would like to visit, review hotels in your area, find new restaurants in your area, museums and other places that are unique. Splurge on a quick getaway thats atleast a few hours away, take great photos and blog about your experience. Pr and marketing companies LOVE to see family trips and might want to work with you. Make sure you tag your photos on your social media platforms and before you know it, tourist boards or pr brands just may see it. If they like your content, blog and what you are posting on social media, you just may get invited somewhere really cool. Thats how I get invited to a lot of things, trust me. I told you guys a while ago, try doing a “lifestyle blog” because it gives you way more flexibility and opportunities too. Hope these tips help you, Happy Traveling! xoxo

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  1. Great tips lady. I love where you have taken the talking with Tami brand. Keep doing your thing. I’m here for it.

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