True Confession: Sometimes You Just Mesh!

Christina Johnson

I vowed a few years ago that I would reevaluate my friends and only hang out with people that were truly in my corner. For the other people, I am cordial but I keep them at arms length because to be honest, everyone is not really your friend. Its always an ulterior motive and you have to be careful. Having friends is hard work too. As you get older, you get wiser and you find out who is really riding for you. My granny NuNu use to tell me two things. One, that the more women, the more drama and she also said, when you are young, you want all the friends in the world, when you get older you get rid of them. I never understood why she would say such a thing but NOW it all makes sense lol.


christina johnson

I never was the type that hung around a bunch a women anyway. I have one best friend who some of you know and her name is Heather. We met in college and have been friends now for over 25 years. I thought that was all I needed because she knows me and so on. But then I had a change of heart and got to be cool with many other young ladies that had similar interest with me and so on but I would watch their behavior over the years and they would start acting funny. Sometimes it was not personal but as we all can contest to, a lot of women have a natural born jealous spirit and they just can’t take being around you because of what they see you accomplishing being getting married, having kids, job promotions, new home or whatever it may be. I do not feel as though I have a jealous bone in my body and I am always here cheerleading for other females that is doing great things. I often times don’t get the recognition in return and I am ok with that.

Jealousy is a very bad trait to have and certain women around you will be subtle with it at first but it will eventually come out! I have seen this time and time again. I have truly tried to be friends with a lot of different women over the years but now, my circle is extremely small. I like it that way and its less of a headache dealing with folks!

That brings me to what I wanted to say about meeting and befriending Christina Johnson that you see in the picture up top. I said earlier on that I didn’t want “no new friends” but it was something special about this young lady. First off both of us have so much in common, we are in are 40’s, she’s been married, she has kids, some the same age as mine and her personality is awesome! She is extremely spiritual like me and to be honest, we just meshed right away when I first met her off the rip! At a recent event, we were discussing me having images of her and her ex Ceelo Green from a gala many years ago. Thats when I first met her and we were chatting about it. We laughed and talked for hours and I really liked the conversation.

She is an open book like me, not snooty, uppity, fun, outspoken, stylish, eccentric and more. I just love her vibe and you don’t meet too many women nowadays that you can click with like that. She introduced me to her fabulous family, her new boo Willy (that is hilarious) and invited me into her home. Who does that, just really getting to know someone. Plus folks are always hesitant of me anyway because I’m a “blogger” but I always tell them upfront, I respect other’s privacy and I’m not like that with whatever you were thinking we “bloggers” do lol. So I’ve added another cool chica to my close friend list. I just wanted to say, sometimes people come and go in your life, I think Christina are I are here to stay lol. Till next time! xoxo

Sidenote: Christina does have an AMAZING closet though and you will get to see that soon hopefully…I was in there playing in it, ha)

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3 thoughts on “True Confession: Sometimes You Just Mesh!

  1. I have hair envy right now. I love her curls.

    It’s awesome that you found someone that you mesh with. I am cautiously open to making new friends.

  2. I echo your sentiments on the subtle jealousy of friendships. Congrats to you both!

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