Blogging Tips: The Truth About Social Media Followers


Over the weekend I went to several events and I sat and just observed a lot of things that was taking place. All of the events had different demographics and things going on but its so much fun to sit and people watch! Do you guys enjoy doing this? My daughter and I love it and the older I have become, I just chuckle inside at the things that I see and notice while out and about. That made me want to write this Blogging Tips post this morning for my newbie bloggers or existing bloggers about your social media followers….


I was chatting with a publicist from New York City and I asked her a question that I was very curious about. I asked, “what do you look for in bloggers, when you hire them for certain projects?” The first thing out of her mouth was “their following”. It made me question this because I know that I am more sociable and have more followers on Instagram and Twitter but on Facebook & Pinterest etc I’m quiet as a church mouse. I really didn’t join Facebook till years later after it was launched because I was that girl that didn’t really want to bother with my high school chums but that’s a whole other blog post lol. Some pr reps, mktg co’s etc look at your numbers as if that is all that you can bring to the table for special campaigns or projects. Most of these executives at fortune 500 companies have NO clue that you can “buy” followers too lol! They just see the K’s behind the person and think that ALL those numbers will generate sales or some type of service from that person. It does NOT happen like that!

Thank goodness most of the companies I work with know this and I tell them upfront before signing any contracts, I can NOT make my readers/followers come out to your event or buy your product! Just because they see that you are engaging online or have thousands of followers, unfortunately that may not lead to sales…make sure you specify this.

I have seen time and time again where these mega bloggers, and social media personalities have events (these people have THOUSANDS of followers by the way) and only a few of their loyal followers come out. People that follow you mean well but only a small percentage of them will actually be able to attend your event, buy the product you are promoting and let’s just be honest, support you!

What’s so funny is that the person who is really huge online is very delusional too because they honestly think that they are real celebrities and really have not paid any dues lol. Most of these instant “online celebrities/bloggers” walk around with huge egos until they fall flat on their face when none of their followers show up to their events! You have to be very careful and strategic. It’s like the comedian who’s online telling all those jokes but then books a comedy standup show and bombs, it has happened, I’ve seen it!

What can you do to prevent this type of embarrassment, or have a great turn out for your event?

First figure out what you are really trying to do. 

Have you did the legwork?

Do you have the credibility?

Did you do the homework/research?

Can your current projects, prior work, resume back you up?

Are you engaging and interacting with your followers/readers?

What is the incentive for your followers/readers to attend your event?

These are just a few things that you can learn from as a new blogger or existing one to make sure that you have a great event or if you plan to sell items. I try to keep it real with you guys so that you do not go through as much as I have or others I’ve seen. We all want to be great at our craft and do an awesome job and show that our hard work has paid off but at the end of the day what you really need to have is gratitude! Everyone that is following you, tell them thank you, talk to them, even if you do not know them, it’s the experience and appreciation that your fans/followers want and appreciate the most! Till next time! xoxo




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10 thoughts on “Blogging Tips: The Truth About Social Media Followers

  1. I love your site. There are times when I wonder why others to don’t write more so I don’t always write because I don’t want to be the only one, weird but true.I love reading the site. I like the format and info presented.

    I do frequent gossip/entertainment sites, that’s how I learned about your site, but I don’t post to any of them. I mostly go to look at the pictures and read the crazy comments.

    But on your site I actually do read the write ups enjoy learning about new products, movies etc. I am currently obsessed with Chic and Curvy. I soooo want to buy something and I am working on that. The Fashion to Figure event made me absolutely giddy because I love that store.

    So to end the babbling, I am saying I like your site and keep up the good work!

  2. Mell, I enjoy your comments and Ive often wondered why folks dont comment some times too then I visit my other blogger buddies sites and their commenters go in on them! So I dont know if that is a good or bad thing to not have people comment on here lol. Some say the same as you with being the only one to comment etc.

    I just so happen to have lurkers by the thousands that stop by everyday and check on me and see what I’ve been up to and see the pretty pics and thats fine with me at least they are visiting or I would be out of business, trust me! Ha! I think I scared lots of my commenters off because I did a post on one mean commenter awhile ago that I put on blast on my blog and every since then, its been crickets lmao!

  3. Those are all great and valid points. I always make note of your blogging tips. I think I remember that person that made those rude comments about ur daughter but she deserved it. You never know who is watching and who knows who… 🙂

  4. Yep Tamera, you are correct! Most dont know that we can see your IP address. I just put that number in a dandy system that I have and bingo ALL the info comes up! I was being light on her because I knew that she was commenting from her job in Lithonia, Ga too! What if I was some insane person and stalked her at work, like she does my blog? I have her complete address and the exact computer monitor too that she comments from! She still leaves dumb comments now and then from different computers at that job but I just ignore the girl because clearly she has mental issues. I have NEVER met her either and dont know her Smh! But each and every day she makes me money when she hits my site being nosey…cha ching! LOL!

  5. Can you do a post on how to format a resume for bloggers. I work in the science world, so I’m not used to any other format. I just finished up my first collaboration, and hope many more are to follow. I want to be ready if a company asks for a resume of some kind.

    Love your posts!


  6. Hi Joslyn! If you look at the very top of my blog, I have a button up there called, “Media Kit”. This is what I use to send to potential sponsors etc. I have been out of the workforce for over 20 years, so I do NOT have a resume but I do have that. Check it out for a guide. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Tami….thank you for always willing to share information with your readers, new and veteran bloggers. You are really one of the nicest bloggers I have met.

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