Rihanna Talks ‘Home’ With Vanity Fair Italia


Rihanna recently sat down with Vanity Fair Italia to talk about her role in the animated film HOME, her character and the music in the movie, her mom and more! This hits newsstands today. Check it all out inside!



Rihanna describes her character Tip and how she can relate to her.

“Tip is strong, independent. Not to be discouraged, she knows what she wants and never gives up, without waiting for the help of others. She’s a little cheeky as I was. However sensitive. It sounds strange, but I’m very shy. I can only spontaneous if I’m fine with those around me.”

Rihanna talks about her mother, who is a lot like Tip’s mom.

“I recognize a lot in the relationship between Tip and her mother. My mom is a force of nature. I know that everyone says: I have the best mother in the world. But I’m really convinced. She has always filled me with affection and has never tried, nor has judged my friends. Her presence reassures me. I’m glad it was Jennifer Lopez who got to be the voice of my character’s mother. When she speaks, I feel the same warmth and the same security that my own mother gives me.”

Rihanna explains what Home means in the film, and tells what home means to her.

“Home, in the film, is all about reuniting with the people you love. For me, they are always around, the lifeline, when I return in the evening to my hotel room, is the TV: news, reality shows, movies, documentaries, cartoons. I learned to call any place where I feel safe as home. But there is no place like Barbados. My beaches, my family, my food, my music. Home, for me, it’s right there.”

The movie Home hits theaters on Friday!


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