Breakfast At Club Medi In New York City

I was in New York City last week and stayed at one of those boutique hotels again(which I LOVE by the way). I was on the lower east side of the city and my hotel was called, Hotel on Rivington. Inside the hotel they had a very swanky restaurant that I stopped in because I was starving when I got off the plane called, Club Medi. Inside its very pretty, well lit and they had a variety of items on the menu. I also noticed it was some sort of work space too where you could work and plug up your computer and have meetings.

I am really not a breakfast person but I was so hungry in the early a.m. I didn’t really matter, I just wanted food lol. I ordered their croissant and Greek yogurt with fresh fruit but they offer so much more from looking at the menu. It was extremely well-priced and tasted delicious. More pics inside and if you are ever in NYC and looking for a cute breakfast spot to go to, give them a try! 

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