Career Day: Creekland Middle School


Good morning guys and I’m feeling so happy today because yesterday I was able to head back to Creekland Middle School and share my experience with the kids about working in social media. Some of the kids knew my son who’s a 8th grader there or some knew my daughter who also attended the school a few years ago. 


When I arrived they had a scrumptious lunch waiting for us and cute goody bags filed with sweet treats. After lunch, all the speakers were off to their assigned classrooms where students were waiting. The speakers consisted of fitness trainers, cops, crime lab technicians and the list goes on and on. I greeted everyone and begin talking about what I do. I first asked them what did they think I did for a living. Some thought I was a model which was too funny or they guessed I worked in the tv field. Well they kinda got it right because they saw the title of my website once I pulled it up lol. I told the kids that I was a professional blogger and chatted about what I do, day to day. I talked to three different classes throughout the day and I had a blast! They were all fascinated with my career asking many questions, but two questions that were asked over and over again was how much money do I make and who was my favorite celebrity interview. Gotta love the kids and I want to thank the staff and volunteers at Creekland Middle School for the invite back.

Sidenote: Please remember what I told you guys about putting too much information and inappropriate things on social media because it lives online FOREVER! Till next time! xoxo

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Friend Ms. Maria Grovner Creekland


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