Carrabbas’s Italian Grill!



I remember I tasted Carrabba’s for the first time. It was at Frank Ski’s wine tasting and I fell in love with it. I have a soft spot for good Italian food. When I tasted the food I asked the owner Brett Cavalli could I come in and try the restaurant, we set it up and today I was able to go try it out with my husband. The Carrabbas that I went to is located at the perimeter mall area. I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and it reminded you of a lil cafe that you would eat outside at. It was very cozy and the aroma of the food cooking was such a great smell.


Brett the owner manager,cook greeted us and told me that he would make us some speciality and popular dishes! I was too excited to try everything. He said the most popular things on the menu were the Chicken Bryan,Chicken Marsala,Filet Marsala and the Shrimp Sampi. When he brought out the Shrimp Sampi,my hubby and I immediately started arguing over who was going to eat the last shrimp!


Shrimp Sampi


Filet Marsala


Chicken Marsala

Carrabbas has 7 locations but all the fun is at the location at Perimeter. Brett told me he has always loved the food business and that he has ran the restaurant for 3yrs. They also deliver to companies in the area. I also loved the dessert which was called Sonyodi Chocolata,too yummy!


C0-Owner Brett Caballi and I


Sonyodi Chocolata

From now on I will be doing my own restaurant reviews, because he eats too much lol. Yes the food was very good and every thing they brought out just got better and better omg! We enjoyed everything and the Filet Marsala was so tender and juicy! If your in the Atlanta area please stop into Carrabba’s and tell them I sent you!


*One lucky winner has a chance to win a free gift certificate to eat at Carrabba’s by leaving a comment below, good luck! The winner will be notified by email!

Update: Winner was Rhonda Gibson! I have emailed you,you have 24 hrs to respond,thanks

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