Happy 10th Birthday Terrell!


Monday was my son Terrell’s birthday.He is so easy,funny and laid back. He didn’t want a big to do for his 10 birthday. He just wanted to hang out with his friends and watch movies lol.How sweet is that! He told me he wanted a nerf gun and crab legs! I was doin cartwheels up and down the driveway when he told me that. Lil Terrell is really a good kid and the teachers really like him at school. If you don’t know my son, he is very funny too. He tells the funniest jokes,makes goofy faces all the time and says the cutest stuff.


I remember when the doctor told me that I was having a lil boy. I was not happy because I’m so girly! I said what will I do with a boy? I dont know what to buy for a boy or how to play with him. I was very depressed the whole pregnancy but as soon as they handed him to me, I fell in love. He was so cute with all this curly hair and big cheeks. I spoiled him soo much. I would get yelled at in the hospital for sleeping with him and holding him so much. He had gas so bad that I started calling him pootey lol. I hope he is not reading this lol.


Over the years I’ve learned how to play with him and dress him,which is not hard at all. He just wants to wear t-shirts and sweatpants and tennis shoes. He tells me all the time I’m the prettiest mommy with makeup on lol, hides and booby traps the house,throws stars at me when I enter his room(he thinks he is a ninja) and he is just an all around great kid. Happy 10th Birthday Terrell, mommy and daddy loves you very much!

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