Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment On Airbnb In NYC!

I am hearing the theme song from Sex and The City as I type this lol! Guess what guys, you can now stay at Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in NYC! And guess what, you can rent it for only $23 unheard of right? Just like that, you can live out your Sex and the City thrills if you were a huge fan of the show just like I was! Wish I was living in NYC because one of my favorite Tik Tokers recently visited the apartment and its real!

Warner Bros and Airbnb recreated Carrie’s brownstone from the early hit HBO show in honor of the upcoming sequel. Things you will see in the apartment are the decor from the series, Carries black laptop, and her cordless phone. And then there’s the closet…omg!!! It’s full of her lovely outfits with bows, frills, sparkles and we can’t leave out the Manolo Blahniks! Lots of her iconic looks are all there and her gold Carrie necklace, how cute!

From what I hear, they will even organize a personalized styling and photoshoot for you to add to the experience. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is also a virtual host when you check in. You can book the Bradshaw apartment from November 8th at noon. Again they say it cost $23 a night ode to Sex and the City’s premiere date twenty three years ago, how fun. It’s located at New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Inside take a peek at a few snaps from the apartment, have a fashionable day!

Update: It’s sold out dang!

Images Tara Rice

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