Chaco Footwear ‘Fit For Adventure Tour’ In Atlanta!

After two successful years of touring the country in a vintage school bus, the iconic outdoor shoe brand, Chaco, was excited to bring back their popular activation, revamped with unique activities and they were so nice to come back to Atlanta today!

I had never heard of the brand but was eager to find out all about it! I got an email inviting me out to try, so I made my way to Atlanta Dairies where they had their school bus parked! They offered customers free repairs, new sandals and slides plus they threw in pedicures! I took my grandson Legend along with me to help me pick out a pair of sandals and boy were they comfy!

The staff was very knowledgeable and patient with me as I maneuvered threw all the styles. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and watching how they put my custom shoes together from scratch! While Legend played on the school bus, I tried on different sandals and handpicked and designed my shoes.

I loved flowers, so I used that pattern and they were completed in about 20 minutes! If you never heard of the brand Chaco please visit the site to learn all about them and stop by while they are in town, just for a few days though! May 17-20th. The tour is going on now learn more here: 

The shoes would be great to wear for outdoor activities, hiking, walking, biking or even camping. More inside….

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