Charming Charlie Words To Live By Bracelets

I was so excited when I received these really dainty Words To Live By bracelets from Charlie Charming the other day! If you have payed any attention to me, I hardly EVER wear jewelry! All I wear is my wedding ring(if I remember lol) and a pair of stud earrings. I’m just not really into big bracelets, earrings etc. I am a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, don’t know why. I really LOVE dainty jewelry and these two bracelets were extremely my style and I’ve been rocking them ever since. One of my bracelets says, “Blessed” in a gold finish and the other one says, “She Believed She Could” in silver. They both are sayings that I believe in too and don’t mind wearing. More pics and where to find inside…

Blessed Bracelet

She Believed She Could Bracelet


Sponsored by Charming Charlie

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