Comedian Kountry Wayne Stops By ‘Sherri’

On today’s episode of SHERRI, talk show host Sherri Shepherd welcomes her  friend and comedian Kountry Wayne  to the couch to tell her all about his child support payments. See the video inside…


Sherri: … You are just having a great year … You wrote a self-help biography and you’ve got your Netflix special. Have you splurged on anything?

Kountry Wayne: I splurged on … more than child support? … That’s called splurging ‘cause that’s every month.

Sherri: How much is your child support?

Kountry Wayne: Just my family … My child  support costs me 200 a month.

Sherri: 200  dollars? … 200 hundred thousand?

Kountry Wayne: … I splurge on cars … I have a million dollars worth of cars but ain’t nothing like that child support when people with feet walk up on you.

Sherri: … you work hard for it. You have a lot of money. Because you are very, very successful … Are you single right now?

Kountry Wayne: Yes, I’m single. I’m definitely single.

Sherri: I’m the type of woman you want to get with you ‘cause I don’t have a uterus. You wanna get with me … I’m not going to have no baby.

Kountry Wayne: I don’t care if you have a hysterectomy, I still make babies … I create eggs … Me and you do make a good couple though. I have thought about that. This is a date.

Sherri: I got my own stuff cause I could buy you 3 or 4 more cars … you buy me 3 or 4 more cars … like, I’m at your level!

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