Coming Soon: Talking With Tami Mobile App!

Talking With Tami mobile App

Great Catch Marketing Solutions and I present the “Talking With Tami” Mobile app! Join in on the conversation. Access granted to what you need to know and when you need to know it. The fashion, the stories, events and much, much more all in the palm of your hands! Coming soon to the Google Play and Apple Store. What will it include? Come on in to find out more! 

It will showcase my blog, videos of me speaking and hosting events and it will promote the upcoming events I have in and out of town. It will offer opportunities for my fans, readers and clients to write me, book me, RSVP and promote my services or products. It will provide a GPS feature that will navigate clients and fans to my office. It will send out push notifications and frequent updates so people stay in tune with the hottest fashion and blogging tips.

It will also include my social media, website info and a gallery of pictures for people to follow me and see what I am doing. It’s a access granted mobile app to everything Talking with Tami. This app will offer options for people to take pictures and send them to me and even listen to you pod cast or radio shows through sounds cloud. It will provide infowar job about who I am and what I’ve done and maybe tips on how to be a blogger and why it’s important. Sounds cool huh? My app will be free too! Stay tuned! xoxo

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