Confessions Of A Mall Employee


Hey guys, I’m adding something new to my blog that I will start posting on Sundays. Sundays are known to be more relaxing where you can actually take the time to read some interesting things without hurrying to get back to work or with a lot of distractions. This is something that I always wanted to do but now I have a chance. Its going to be called, Confessions where I will interview people I know or don’t know that well but who will remain anonymous. They will share their stories of what they may have witnessed on their jobs or came across that was funny, weird or whatever. I hear so many stories while I’m out that are intriguing or shocking and sometimes I’m thinking wow, I need to share this with my readers lol.

So first up is a friend to the site who works at a mall. She tells me so many funny things that has happened to her while at work, I had to share with you all. Sometimes you just never know what people deal with when they are on the job lol. Check out what she had to say about being a mall employee and all the drama.

Parents call the mall and ask if they can have a birthday party for their teenagers or Sweet 16 events. Who does that right? LOL!

A concerned gentleman calls the receptionist desk daily to complain that the flag isn’t flying properly in the front of the mall entrance.

A flash mob took place in the food court recently, with dancers twerking on the tables LOL!

A cleaning lady found a bag full of money in the bathroom on the floor and turned it in. Really?

People still steal after all this time, even though there is high surveillance cameras/modern technology. People still don’t care.

People get banned from the mall daily. Homeless people sleeping in the mall, hand peddlers, rude patrons. Improperly dressed shoppers.

People complain about their cars getting broken into while shopping. Usually they leave expensive items on the seats in plain view.

Dumpster divers dig around in garbage to get clothes, food or whatever else they can find after the mall closes.

Customers get sick in the mall a lot, they call the ambulance at least once a week. An employee broke her ankle and was crawling through the mall on the floor.

The mall at night is a whole different beast, its like a club atmosphere. Lots of strollers and cross dressers wandering the mall for Johns.

Employees fight each other over men. Forever 21 is legendary for fights in their store.

Elderly people can’t hold their bowels and are usually the culprits for ruining the public bathrooms.

Soiled and worn underwear is found in the dressing rooms a lot, they call it “panty pudding”. I’m done! LOL!


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  1. OMG Tami….this was hilarious. Person with the broken ankle crawling in the mall and the fights in Forever 21….hilaroius. This is a great addition to your blog.

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