Confessions Of A Property Manager


We all have lived in an apartment at some time in our life. Some of us have had roommates while others lived alone but have you ever really taken the time to actually chat with the person that takes care of the property you live in? I have a really good friend who is a property manager at a high end apartment complex and boy did he have stories! Check out what he told me happens on the grounds, in units and so on! Here is the Confessions of a Property Manager….

They get complaints from tenants daily with unreasonable and dumb demands. Things like its a pizza box outside my door to its cold in my apartment and its December lol. Some think the air or heat just pops on automatically lol.

Tenants call the office all the time asking if maintenance men can come to their apartment to move or rearrange their furniture.

Neighbors complain about vicious dogs on the premises and swearing its bull dogs when its not. Saying they look scary and should be removed.

They’ve busted numerous amounts of teens having sex in the empty units. Lawd!

One employee that had a management position was caught having sex on her desk with a tenant that was half her age.

There was once a family living in an empty unit for months before management found out and removed them.

One time there was a tenant who was known for paying his rent on time and always dropped if off at a certain time of day. He became late and noone had heard from him until they went to the door, saw his vehicle outside, knocked and he didn’t answer. With a master key they opened it and found him laying face down on the ground in the hallway. His bladder had exploded and he had passed out. He was unconscious on the floor for a full day. If he would have laid there any longer he would have died.

People have come in to properties and stripped them down to the fixtures, toilets, lights when they get mad and are getting evicted.

One tenant had dead cats under the stairs in the basement. Feces everywhere when she moved out.

Tenants move in and never pay there rent after that until there court dates. They use the court system for a place to stay. They like to blame the property owners for them not paying their rent.

There are families living in garages, thats the new thing now. Most people don’t think to look in them if they don’t drive or have a vehicle. Most of the time they pray on elderly people. Homeless people have a whole setup in the garage, couch, microwave, refrigerator etc. until they get caught. Are you kidding me?




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