Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Daniels III

rosalyn and harvey wedding

Congratulations goes out to Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Daniels III. They were married on Saturday, April 26th here in Atlanta! The bride Rosalyn Wilson and I are great friends and you guys may remember her from me going to her Chic Boutique Tours that she owns. Her husband is an attorney here in Atlanta. 

rosalyn  and harvey wedding

Their adorable ceremony took place outdoors at Millennium Gate Museum and it was a brunch reception. The theme of the wedding was Derby which was too fun and you can see more pics of stylish attendees. This was the second wedding that I’ve been invited to since moving here and I love attending them, when my schedule permits lol.

I loved the color scheme they used with pastel yellows, teals and greys and ofcourse the Vera Wang gown Rosalyn wore, very pretty! She later changed into a custom Reco Chapple mesh fitted dress with peplum skirt. It was hot as heck by noon but I sweated it out to see her walk down the isle. Rosalyn looked like a Barbie doll, loved her total look. Congrats to the lovely couple, they look so happy together! Check out a few pics I snapped before I was off to South Carolina, so I couldn’t stay for the reception. xoxo

rosalyn and harvey wedding


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