Couldn’t Get Enough Of The All-New 2023 Lexus RX 350

I was totally blown away when I was dropped off the all-new Lexus RX 350  for my birthday week! The good folks over at Lexus are so darn accommodating and I told them that I was going on a surprise road trip to Savannah, Ga and they were happy to oblige! It was a three day weekend and so I got to keep the Lexus for another day since it was Memorial Day, so that was a extra treat for me lol!

I don’t know where to start as far as this all-new RX but let’s just start with the color if you don’t mind! It was chic, sophisticated and I wanted to drive around the city of Atlanta daily, just to get the looks and stares! The color (copper crest) totally stood out and people were loving it! Every time I stopped to go shopping, to run errands or even on the road to Savannah, people gave us thumbs up or inquired about the car!

Even with the 21 inch wheels, the ride was smooth and compliant! This new RX 350, is the best RX yet! Lexus really knocked it out the park with this one and I didn’t want to give it back lol! We loved the car, the ride, the style and when we are in the market for a new vehicle, this Lexus 350 is definitely at the top of our list! I was really impressed with it! I believe this is the best mid-size luxury SUV in it’s class! See a few more things that really stood out inside….

Things that really stood out in the Lexus RX 350….

  • I loved the restyling, the rear light bar was nice! The use of the Lexus script instead of the emblem was cool!
  • The reinterpretation of the front grill, it really made it stand out!
  • The interior space, very plush and modern, roomy!
  • The new info center was great to have for navigation, loved the full size screen
  • The updated interior, leather and ventilated seats
  • The Mark Levingston sound system was the best I’ve heard!
  • Ride quality was superb!
  • The color copper crest really stood out and got lots of compliments on the road!

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