Terry Crews Teaches Sherri How To Tackle

Today on SHERRI, “America’s Got Talent” host Terry Crews sits down with host Sherri Shepherd. The former NFL player turned actor also teaches Sherri some fierce tackling techniques he used while playing football.  Watch the hilarious clip below!

Sherri: Now, Terry, I’ve been working out really hard, but I need to be ready for anything that’s happening on the streets of New York. Because I’ve been working out, but you got to show me all the tackling tips.

Terry Crews: Listen, I’m going to show you something, but remember I wasn’t that good – which is why I got cut. BUT I’ve made a couple of tackles in my career so I’m going to show you the techniques. First of all, you have to line up and see the person you are tackling. You have to line up with them. Then you have to turn yourself to the side. But listen, always look at the hips … someone will fake you out with the hands, but the hips will never move. Let me show you how to do that!

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