Creator/Designer Monica Leaphart!

How Pinktastic is this! Kimberville, an accessory/ lifestyle collection design firm hosted the launch of it’s Spring/ Summer collection, in the ultra chic Chocolate Pink Lounge located in Midtown Atlanta. This invitation only event gave a first look at the “I am Kimber” collection where guests were encouraged to induldge themselves in all things fabulous.

Pink faceless mannequins, signature cocktails and a sugar rush bar; ushered everyone into a world that was fairytale come to life filled with glitz, glamour and opulence. With featured pieces made from a creative mix of pearls, chains, leather and Swarovski crystals, the “I AM KIMBER” collection is one that will cater to the girlish fantasies of its wearers. Thanks to Nicole Garner from The Garner Circle for sending over the pics!

pics by paparrazzi photography

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