Currently Obsessed With: VALENTINO Rockstud Multi Ankle Strap Heel

valentino rockstud

So I have a bit of a backstory to share with you. I always have some sorta story don’t I lol. At the end of last year I was window shopping at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead, I went into one of my favorite designer stores which is Valentino. I picked up a pair of rockstud heels and fell in love! I have been eyeing these shoes for a few years now and I kept saying to myself, one day I am going to own a pair of these sparkly shoes! The saleslady smiled at me and said, “Tami you come in here a lot and admire lots of our things, it will happen for you sooner than you think”.


So on my vision board that I made earlier this year, I said to myself that I was going to step up my shoe game and I added Louboutins, Valentino and a few other luxury shoe brands to my board. Well over the weekend I met a young lady at an event by the name of Monique who owns a very high end consignment shop here in Atlanta called, A Daily Diva. She came over and introduced herself to me and she told me about her business. She said that she followed me online, I was too flattered. I visited her website and saw all the pretty shoes and handbags that she carried and then I spotted the Valentino¬†Rockstud Multi Ankle Strap Heel.¬†I instantly started to squeal and contacted her because I had to have them! I normally frown down upon consignment shops, I don’t know why but these were a really good deal to me.

The rockstuds are from this season and they retail currently for $1,095! On Monique’s website, she was reselling them for a little over $700, so I grabbed them up really quickly! I really scored because they were NEVER worn and they had the actual box too. I’ve seen these shoes worn by a few top fashion bloggers, celebs and models, I wanted them so badly. The pink multi’s are on my wish list too. I plan on wearing mine with distressed dark denim jeans, cute top or dress them up a bit more with a pretty cocktail dress. Please visit Monique’s website where she carries authentic luxury items like sunglasses, shoes, purses and more! Tell her I sent yah! Oh by the way later on, on my blog I will be conducting an interview with Monique as we chat about online boutiques and consignment shops being all the craze! She updates her instagram quicker than her website, so you can follow her at @adailydiva xoxo

Valentino rockstud multi

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  1. I’ve been eyeing the same shoe. Now I can’t afford the Valentino’s for $1095, I could afford the BCBG knock offs at DSW for $80

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