Day At The Park With Baby Legend

It was a gorgeous day out yesterday so I high tailed it over to pick up my grandson Legend for a day out with his favorite person lol. You should see how his face lights up when I walk through the door, he loves when I call him Boogy Bear and to come go bye bye with granny! He runs to look for his shoes and diaper bag lol, its the cutest thing! We headed to the park thats close to my house and sat on the bench eating lunch from Chick Fil A and watched everyone social distance. They were all talking from afar and Legend enjoyed looking at all the varieties of doggies at the dog park. He really enjoys the outdoors and it was the perfect day.

I didn’t realize all the hours that was passing because we just enjoyed the sunshine and talking to people walking by. I got plenty of exercise too by running after him! He has NO idea what’s going on and kids will be kids but you have to live your life, be mindful but enjoy each and every moment. I’m grateful that at this time that I can spend a lot of time with my grandson and see all his milestones, learn his personalty and more! Enjoy your day and stay safe out there! More pictures inside…

Images shot by Jordon


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