Day Two Family Trip To Denver, Co Visiting Colorado Adventure Park

Over the weekend my family made our way to rocky mountains in Denver, Colorado! We had so much fun and one thing that my daughter wanted to do was play in the snow! She scheduled for us to visit Colorado Adventure Park for a day of snow tubing. I have never been tubing before just sledding but this was way more excitement lol!

The hill was extremely steep and I was a bit hesitant at first then I saw how safe it was. I also was a bit concerned about my grandson being so young but they assured me he could do it as well. So basically you grab a tube and if you have safety gear you put that on and head to the hill. If you like getting a kick out of rollercoasters then you will like this so much! My family was there for a few hours and my grandson Legend never uttered a word going down the hill for the first time. He just smiled and kept saying, “again”. So if my 3 year-old Boogy Bear could do this tubing activity, I know you can too lol! Check out a few photos inside and if you ever visit Denver, you have to plan a trip to this fun place! Stay safe out there!

Colorado Adventure Park

566 County Road 721

Fraser, Co


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