DIY: How To Make A Pretty Buttercream Rose Cake

rose petal cake

I was online yesterday surfing the internet when I came across this pretty Rose Cake! It reminded me so much of my cake I had made for the Girls Night In I had for New Year’s Day! When my kids were very small, I would always bake from scratch and let the kids help me. It was so much fun and they miss that so much now. They bring it up from time to time. Its not that I don’t like to cook or bake anymore, its just that the kids are teens now and they are hardly ever home and most of my home cooked meals go untouched or it just rots in the fridge. So I was feeling a bit unappreciated, so I just stopped. My husband loves my home cooked meals but we all know he is back out on the road now, sigh! My hubby likes to bake too and still makes his famous pound cake for holidays but that’s pretty much it.

This rose cake is making me want to get back out there and take a few more baking/decorating classes which I really miss doing when I was back home. It was so relaxing and I got to fellowship with so many wonderful women who enjoyed this special craft. Maybe I will look up some classes here in Atlanta, we shall see. In the meantime, check out how Vanessa from¬†Cake Style made this rose cake inside….Happy Baking!¬†

6″ round cake – 4 layers 3/4″ high each
2lb 12oz (1.25kg) Sweet Buttercream –
Wilton Cream Peach and Sugarflair Pink food colors
10″ round cake board
3 Piping bags
3 couplers
3 No. 104 Piping tips


Image via Cake Style

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