DocChey’s Noodle House In Grant Park

Yesterday afternoon I went to a Salt Room for a little relaxation with my blogger buddy Jennifer. After that, we saw a cute little restaurant located in the Grant Park area called, DocChey’s Noodle House. I will be the first to say that I’m not a huge fan of Asian food but I was hungry and I’m really not that picky, so I thought to give it a shot. When we walked in, it was not that crowded, it was round lunch time. We ordered our food and found a table by the window. I wanted tea since it was kinda cool out and I ordered some soup. Jen ordered dumplings, tea and soup as well. We caught up on life and laughed about things going on in the world before our food started to come out.

We were so wrapped up into our conversation that we didn’t realized how packed the restaurant started to get. We were like WOW, this must be a happening spot and we didn’t even realize it lol. I mean it was not an empty table in the place! Thats a good sign, I guess lol. The food was really good and I really enjoyed the Shanghai Dumplings and my Chinese Chicken Soup, yum! If you’re in the area or plan on visiting make sure to stop by, till next time! 

Dim Sum is a Chinese word meaning “Heart’s Delight” describing the small plates served in the Canton province of China years ago. 

Blueberry Tea

Shanghai Dumplings

Chinese Chicken Soup with added Shrimp

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup with Shrimp

Doc Chey’s Noodle House

563 Memorial Drive (Grant Park)


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