Mind, Body & Soul: My First Experience At A Salt Room

Today I got to experience something really cool and different. I first want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what I do because it allows me to try new things every single day and to share with you! Here in Atlanta, there is always something new going on or popping up. I was invited out to a “Salt Room” for an afternoon of lounging, relaxing, clearing my mind and restoring balance in my life.

Dry salt is a natural healer and creates a sense of calmness for people of all ages.

I visited Intown Salt Room located in Atlanta, where they offer two unique salt room experiences, a Breathing Room and Meditation Room. Each breathing and meditation sessions are 30 minutes. Me and my friend Jen sat in a zero gravity chair, relaxed to calming music and we just breathed. 

I personally found the whole experience very relaxing and fun. Although I don’t frequent spas or message places that often because I don’t find them relaxing that much, this was a bit different. I am one of those type of people that can’t sit still and be quiet, I have to be moving, on my phone and talking or doing something. The lady who owns it was laughing at me because I wanted to talk instead of being quiet and listening to music lol. I eventually got the hang of it and tried to calm down. I only had to be at peace for 30 minutes and that was fine with me.

There were two rooms and I experienced both. The “breathing room” you walk in and there is salt covered floor and walls. You sit in a chair with headphones on that plays spa like music with ocean waves. I could taste the salt on my lips after a few minutes.

After that we went into the “meditation room” with bigger blocks of salt and there is a Buddha statue in the corner. Again, you listen to music and just chill. I would suggest you wear comfy and loose clothing or yoga pants and tee shirt. You don’t get messy at all. I liked the experience and if you want to take time out of a busy day, you might want to head here to try, tell em I sent yah. Till next time! xoxo

Breathing Room

Me and Jen getting our salt on lol

Meditation Room

Intown Salt Room

563 Memorial Dr.
Unit CU-A
Atlanta, GA 30312


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