Dootie Graduates! #Classof2015

dootie graduation 7

I can not believe that I am typing this today and it still has not sunk all the way in yet! I’m a proud mom of a high school graduate! Some of you that have been longtime readers, have seen both of my kids grow up from my blog. Tyra, which I affectionately like to call Dootie, graduated yesterday afternoon from Collins Hill High School and we could not be more proud. Our families drove in to see her walk across that stage and it was such a great feeling. Funny though, I still have this vivid memory of me and Dootie in my kitchen back in Ohio. I would always wash the dishes by hand and sit her next to me on the counter and she would eat crackers and play with the bubbles. It was our mommy and daughter time, she loved it.

You see, I too thought that I was going to be a single mom raising a daughter all by myself. Her dad Derrick and I broke up shortly after I found out I was pregnant with her. We dated for quite awhile then we got engaged, I sold my nail salon and packed up and moved to Alabama with him. I was in a different place in my life back then but once I settled in a small southern town, I absolutely hated it and was miserable coming from a bigger city. It just didn’t work and I wanted out. We called off our wedding and I moved back home. A few weeks later, I found out I was expecting. Dootie was born and she changed my entire life! I tell her that all the time.

I always dreamed of having a lil girl and when she arrived, I never thought about how much I could love someone else. We were inseparable and still are till this day. Three months later after she was born, I met my husband Terrell and as you guys know we have been together ever since. Tyra’s dad Derrick has ALWAYS been active and a part of her life every step of the way from birthdays, getting her drivers license, vacations, prom etc and I really appreciate him for that. I just respected his privacy here on my blog but we have ALL been very active in Tyra’s life. So Dootie has two dads that have been there for her loving and supporting her along the way. Now, she is blossomed into a such a wonderful young lady!

I see so many families that are blended, having lots of issues but it has NEVER been that way with us. We have did such an amazing job in raising her, with no bickering. I pray that others out there can work out their differences when relationships just don’t work out. I got extremely lucky in my situation because my husband and Derrick actually get along very well and I love his wife Frances that has been around Tyra since she was very young. I suggest those out there that can’t seem to work things out, to pray over whatever the issue is and think about the child first. It will all work out for the best! Family is everything and all you have at the end of the day. We have a beautiful child who we are so proud to call our daughter and we were all very happy to yell out, “Tyra you did it!” Till next time! xoxo

Sidenote: By the way, I didn’t act up at the graduation nor did I cry. I think I’m still exhausted/overwhelmed from all the running around all week, it hasn’t sunk in yet lol. My son Pootie was also there but you guys know he hates taking pictures lol.

dooties graduation 8


Dooties graduation

Dooties graduation

dootie graduation 5

Tyra and her dad Derrick, Me

dooties graduation 6

Derrick’s wife Frances, Tyra and her dad

Dooties graduation 7

Dooties Graduation 1

Husband Terrell, my mom Carolyn, Tyra, and my Step-dad Lynn

Dooties Graduation

LOVE you mom! Thanks for coming!

dooties graduation

Mom and Derrick

Dooties graduation 2

Terrell, Tyra, Derrick

Dooties graduation

Tyra’s boyfriend Keonte and his mom Ms.Angel

Dooties graduation

Tyra’s bestie Arianna and her mom Ms.Shaunae

dooties graduation

Dooties graduation 3


Images shot by me and Terrell


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6 thoughts on “Dootie Graduates! #Classof2015

  1. Congratulations young lady!! Very proud moment. Tami,what a wonderful story! Blessings to your daughter as she walks out her destiny. Speaking favor over all the works of her hands!

  2. Beautiful and congratulations! The entire family oozing with joy. Love the inspirational blended family testimony. Your daughter and mom look so much alike. Be proud Tami you succeeded against the odds!!!!

  3. Congratulations to you and Dootie…..I know you all are so proud!! I love how you all came together for her and you all are respecting boundaries. It is awesome that you made sure to note that her father has been a part of her life along with your husband too…..Beautiful family!!

  4. Tami….Congrats to Tyra (Dootie)! Thank you for sharing your baby graduation and beautiful pics with us. Such a proud moment

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