Dootie’s Hair Color Is “On Fleek”

hair color

My daughter Dootie has been asking me for months if she can dye her hair. I always tell her no because I don’t want her real hair to be damaged. Thats when hairstylist Derick informed me that he could color the weave hair that Dootie wears. He said it’s a technique used that hairstylist suggest when clients don’t want to dye their real hair. Its also a protective style, I was happy to learn this information. I forgot they have all these new tricks of the trade now and it doesn’t require all those harsh chemicals.

Dootie is also in Cosmetology and graduates this year, she’s always trying out new hairstyles and learning different techniques. She loves to watch tutorials on youtube lol. I let her explore because when she does become licensed by the end of this year, she will have lots of experience in the hair business! Derick took her weave hair that was provided by The Virgin Hair Fantasy and dyed it a few days prior to her getting her hair styled and this is the result of it. I like how it fits her skin tone. I could NEVER pull off this vibrant shade of hair color but I think it turned out pretty cute for Dootie. Derick gave her a custom color called, “Ombre” it fits her, I think. Dootie has already changed the style of it up a few times too, she gets bored fast lol. If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for a new hairstylist, colorist, you should look up Derick @CelebrityStatus_on Instagram or you can reach him at 404-644-0706. xoxo

hair color

hair color

hair color


Dooties wearing a cropped “On Fleek” sweatshirt from Rebdolls


hair colorhair colorhair color

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