Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Instagram Posts & How To Gain Followers!


Good morning my lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend! I didn’t do much just hung out with my kids and we watched movies and I stayed in my pajamas pretty much the whole time. Felt good that my daughter didn’t really have any plans but we were missing one person and that was Mr. Reed. I’ve been out house hunting because we are planning to move in a few months, boy do I hate packing though and I have a lot of stuff, plus a storage unit full of things too! Sigh!

Anyway, last night I couldn’t sleep and I was on my instagram when I finally got a chance to check out some of my friends pages and like their stuff. I don’t know if its just me but I was looking at their images and that got me to wondering. What in the heck are some of these people doing? I know everyone is not that savvy with social media but come on! I wanted to share some do’s and don’t when it comes to posting on instagram and how to gain more followers. 


Pictures, pictures, pictures will make or break your instagram page! Are your images blurry, boring, cut off, angled terribly or all the above? With these high tech phones and technology, apps, there is NO way in heck your pictures should look bad! If you are horrible at taking pictures, ask someone else to help you or guess what, don’t post it. LOL!

Stop with the yucky food shots and half eaten meals! Nobody wants to see your scraps after its all gone. Remember to take pics BEFORE you indulge, geesh! Also, most food that you cook at home will NEVER look how a restaurant or chef prepared it, please refrain from that too, its not pretty with the white paper plates and all the food running together, eeew!!!

Stop posting those really horrible and dark images of you at the club or its pitch black outdoors! Noone wants to see your grainy dark images and all they can see is your teeth, thats so lame and it makes you look desperate like, I wanted to show I was there, nobody cares!

Why do people put Z-list celebrities as their profile pic? Are you serious? Its like you’re saying, I have never been around or met a celebrity but I just did and here they are! Do I get street credit now? Why is that worth placing as your profile pic? Bye Felicia! Michelle Obama, Oprah, Will Smith, ok I can see that, they are A-listers! D-list reality stars, no bueno!

NOBODY wants to see your close up selfies EVERY single day. Ok you’re cute we SEE you every single day, girl bye!

Guys same for you with the ab shots every single day in the gym doing a selfie! We all know you work out you said it a million times! You have a nice body but after awhile you look conceited, unfollowed!

If you flood my timeline with your foolery of dumb pics of you or at some event or out somewhere, I’m talking over 7 pics of the exact same thing in a row, you’re unfollowed! Thats a huge pet peeve of others on instagram!

What’s with all the private pages and most are selling something? Those pages crack me up and trust me, there is NOTHING you are doing that has never been thought of before, get over yourself!

The nemes with the profanity and naked images are a HUGE no, no and just think if a brand wanted to work with you or your job seen that? Not EVER a good idea!

Girls I get it, you have a nice body! EVERY picture does not have to be of you and your backside and then you are wondering why the guys are leaving you derogatory comments and you catch an attitude! Keep it classy!

Make your images very interesting where someone would like to head back to your page and possibly will tag others to check you out. Thats how you gain followers.

Be inspiring and send out words of encouragement, people love that! But I can’t stand a bible thumper, bye bye!

Coming on someone’s page and advertising your business is so unprofessional and a desperate act, please stop doing that!

If you can, keep your page very professional even if it kills you. We all can be ratchet at times and you may be trying to be funny but you have the world judging you for what you post believe it or not.

Have fun with your images, bright colors, topics, forums people love and would want to follow you. Interact with your followers.

Liking a million of my pictures will get you unfollowed too because you look like a stalker!

Last, stop putting in people’s comment section to follow you. Let people follow you organically, most people that ask me to follow them, I don’t know and when you go to their page, its most likely nothing there to follow back!



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4 thoughts on “Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Instagram Posts & How To Gain Followers!

  1. Tami, LOVE LOVE this picture. Have you ever thought about modeling or starting your own clothing line for “real women” ?

  2. I never thought about it Roz, I guess because I’m a bit older but never thought about the real women side of things, hmm? Maybe I will give it a chance lol.

  3. I like the pic too.

    I hate businesses with private page. I’m not going to request/wait to be approved to spend my money. No thank you

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