TWT TEA: Bravo Looking For New Cast Members For Atlanta Housewives!

atlanta housewives

Do you think you have enough sass, fashion sense, boldness, and skills to read someone there rights for a reality show? Well, you may just be what Bravo is looking for, with their new season! That’s right, they have started their casting process for season 8! I just got word that a secret email has been circulating around town, where a casting director is looking for new characters to be on The Real Housewives of Atlanta! I don’t know if it’s for a permanent position where you are actually holding a peach, or a background character but they are looking for prospects. My really good girlfriend received the email a few days ago and she owns several “legitimate” and “lucrative” businesses here in the city. She is very well known and liked in the community and might I add, really wealthy and will put some of the current cast members to shame! 

Anywhoo, she read me the email over the phone and told me she declined to even interview with Bravo because basically, she frowns down upon these reality shows and would never have anything to do with them. I hear it all the time with wealthy and professional women in Atlanta. They all say…”oh no, I would NEVER air my dirty laundry on national tv and those shows are pretty degrading to women”. I was asked several times too, to do reality tv and I’ve always declined because it was never a good fit. I would be a guest judge for a fun/positive reality show but never something with bickering and fighting, no mam!

I do think it would be kinda cool though to see an entertainment/gossip blogger on Atlanta Housewives, boy would that stir up trouble! I wonder how that would work legally though since I blog for a living? I wouldn’t be able to really write like I wanted if I signed that contract because of confidentiality issues…hmm? Nawl, I think I would pass! I think the girls would be nervous though if I did join the cast because they would never know what I would pop off and say, since I always have the scoop on them!  If I was on there, I would always be ready to clap back on them because of what I know. I have tea on ALL of them that I never exposed too, chile bye!!! That’s when you unload on them when you get in some kinda heated debate, they wouldn’t know what hit em! That would be good, don’t you think? Oh, I got some more tea too!

atlanta housewives

TWT TEA: Remember when I was in Los Angeles for the Cinderella premiere a few weeks back? Well, I was in the lobby at Loews Hotel where we were staying and I saw one of the camera men that works for Bravo. I would always see him on set when they would tape the episodes for Atlanta Housewives. We chatted for a minute while he was unloading his equipment. Shortly afterwards, Tv Producer Carlos King came walking in, looking a bit surprised to see me. I said hello and we hugged. He said he was doing some casting but didn’t say for what show. So it all makes sense now and the email about seeking new cast members has some kinda validation now. Either he was looking for new cast members for his new show on Tv One called, Hollywood Divas or for season 8 of Atlanta Housewives! The burning question is, who will be out? We already know that Demetria McKinney was just a background character on Atlanta Housewives this season but she really didn’t have a good storyline and her beau Roger Bobb refused to do anymore scenes. He made her storyline this season but you never really got a chance to see them interact and he was always M.I.A. I hear they may be getting some new cast members on Hollywood Divas too, they already started filming for season 2! Time will tell, I can’t wait to find out more. Till next time! xoxo

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