I was coming from another event and was riding with my friend Janeen. She turned to me and said,” hey Tami let’s stop by my friends birthday party for a few minutes. I’m warning you though, it’s not your style but it just might be fun”. Ofcourse I gave her major side eye but said,”hey, you’ve kidnapped anyway, so let’s roll out!”

Dee the birthday girl

Josette and Dee

I must have dozed off because the next thing I know we were on some dark road pulling into a strip mall with cars parked everywhere.The sign said, Ellery’s. It wasn’t located in the safest part of town but it looked like it was jumpin.

The bomb chicken wings

We go in and the first thing I smelled was cigarettes and fried chicken. I had just got my hair done and I instantly got an attitude. I said, chile where in the hell do you have me,this is some kinda juke joint lol? Janeen just looked at me and laughed. The people were dressed a bit outdated, the men were mostly over 50 with leisure suits on and derby hats. The women were also middle aged,dressed like they were going either to church or to catch a date.

Roosevelt and I

John and I

Ol Time Playa

I was clinching my purse and my pearls as we made our way through the crowd and found her friend and quickly sat in a booth. Men were gawkin at us the whole time because I guess we were new faces lol. I love extravagant events and this was not my normal but then I said to myself, Tami stop being a snooty ass! I can be so bougie at times, so I had to check myself lol.

Angela and I

Janeen and I

Shortly afterwards, men started coming over asking us what we were drinking, would we like to dance, the whole nine! I’m telling you, we got there at 9pm and I danced till 2:30 in the morning! I was smart though and had my handy dandy flip flops in my purse and was prepared, I do not play with my feet! We ordered chicken wings and a basket of fries, which I think “Big Ma” was in the back preparing because they were soo damn good! The men acted like real gentlemen, pulled chairs out and paid for our drinks and did not stalk us afterwards like we owed them something. I was starting to like this place already! Now a days men don’t ask you to dance or buy you a drink, sad!

I learned different hand dances, The Wobble line dance and just had an all around good time! There was some characters in the building that reminded me of Jerome from Martin but I met some great guys like Roosevelt,John, Duane and Mark. I really had a great time and sometimes people need to be humbled and let their hair down and I did just that! I would like to wish Dee a happy birthday and many more to come! I also would like to give a shoutout to Josette and Angela too. Thanks Janeen for taking me but I’m going to kill you for bringing me home after 3am lol. Love yah girly, let’s do it again real soon! Please visit Ellery’s in Atlanta for the best chicken wings and dancing but pack your heater or bring a gang of friends with yah! lol.


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